Life After School


Every year, a number of people graduate from the university and find themselves in the work environment searching for employment. Work being what it is, it is difficult for most people to find a job. Generally, it is said that the economy is to blame.

However, what if I were to say that it’s not entirely the fault of the economy? That it’s those searching for jobs that are to blame? What am I trying to say…?

Graduates nowadays are unemployable. To be unemployable means that you don’t possess the skills that are required in the work environment, the skills that employers are searching for.

You hear people say there are no jobs available, and yet, I’ve found that there are companies still looking for people to recruit, just searching for the right person.

So, what skills then would make someone right for the work environment, since the university education didn’t do the trick? Sure, your degree is definitely going to open doors and get you interviews, but that’s as far as it goes. Once you’re in that interview room, the main questions are “What do you have to offer?” and “Why should we pick you over the thousands of other applicants?”.

ATTITUDE is everything! How you conduct and present yourself during an interview goes a very long way in determining if you get the job or not. What does your wardrobe say about you? How much knowledge do you have? A major problem is that people don’t take self-development seriously. You need to stay informed so that you can make smart choices based on what you know. It is a continuous process.

It’s not what you do that really matters, it’s the passion you put into it, it’s how you do it. Start where you are!

Now, when you do get the job, do you keep on building yourself and working to find solutions to problems, or do you just relax and chill now that you have the job? You need to know where you are and where you’re going to, if not, you would be stuck in one place and would slowly begin to regress.

Make connections, networks. Set a high standard for yourself, work with integrity, have a friendly disposition. Writing and communication skills are very important…. The list goes on and on. There a lot of things you can do to make yourself more employable.

Never ever stop building yourself, in building yourself, you would acquire all these skills and more, bringing you up to a level where jobs are chasing after you!!!